Hi there! We are Ari and Lucy, two female street-style photographers and friends based in London. Our friendship was forged when the two of us met in 2014 on Instagram, the place we love for sharing our creativity and how we see the world around us.

Our little duo was born out of our mutual love of capturing candid moments, because in our eyes the greatest instants are never forced or faked – they happen in the briefest split-seconds that can never be recreated, much like at weddings and parties.

We come as a team, so having the both of us on hand means that no detail, however small will go unnoticed.

Photography is a part of me that means so much. It’s a form of expression. It’s mindfulness. It’s a friend and an educator. But, above all, it’s fun. The thrill of getting that great shot is pretty special. And just imagining that my photography might live on with someone else makes me really giddy.

I have collaborated with Carnaby Magazine, ACE Club, Sonos, Google Pixel, House of Peroni and London Fashion Week to name a few. In 2015 I was one of British Airways photography competition winners, which led to me shooting part of their campaign in Positano, Italy. The image I shot was afterwards displayed on Piccadilly Circus’s famous neon billboard and all over London Underground. One of my biggest highlights from 2019 was having my work feature in the award-winning Trope London Book, and being part of Trope’s London Exhibition. I’ve also been featured photographer with Trope Reader and share interviews on their Reader blog.

I’ve always had this curious appetite for understanding people. I’m fascinated by human behaviour, and how we are all so different. I want to capture something about the people I see, but at the same time I like to create my own version of who I think the person is. I observe a lot, and I look for those little flickers that catch my eye, those moments that you may overlook, stolen seconds and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them glances. What I really love about photography is that, without explanation, photos cannot be read by any two people the same, as each person will use their own past experiences and memories to interpret the image into emotion and then words.

I’ve had the honour of working with brands such as Huawei and Nokia, and in 2019 my work was featured in the award-winning Trope London Book and accompanying exhibition. Shortly after that an even bigger dream came true! My first solo book Unfinished Stories was published, a collection of photographs and words that capture the daily lives of people: on the street, in trains and at cafés, going through their day often without much thought or notice.